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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  November 16, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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trucks in syria. isis uses those trucks as a part of the smuggling operation. estimated to generate at least $1 million a day for isis. 129 people were killed in those attacks last friday in paris. more than 300 others were injured. >> and today french president francois hollande says that his country is now at war with islamic extremism. we have more from paris. >> reporter: french president francois hollande not mincing words to the deadly attacks here in paris. france is at war, the acts committed on friday night in paris are acts of war. and we have already seen the opening volley of the war dropping at least 20 bombs on isis targets over the weekend. closer to home hollande says he wants to extend the country's state of emergency for another three months. and change the constitution so the government can revoke the citizenship of convicted terrorists. "i want to put all the nation's resources in to protecting our citizens, the nation, the power, the army, you too
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representatives of the nation. you know well the certain duties, calling for the spirit of sacrifice." some european leaders rethinking the migrant settlement plans after revealing when the attackers may have traveled to europe posing as refugees. meanwhile authorities are still looking for the alleged mastermind of the attacks. police believe that what happened over the weekend were ongoing. five of the seven suspects arrested have been released from custody. some residents are refusing to believe their neighbors may have played a part in the attacks. i've known this kid for years, he used to play. he was a convoy, he didn't even smoke cigarettes. he was cool with everybody. >> isis releasing a video showing one of their fighters praising the attacks, promising to attack washington, d.c. in the same way. in paris fox news. >> should national unity of france's parliament today.
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the president hollande lead members on the singing of the national anthem. mr. hollande told the joint meeting of the parliament how he plans to prevent another attack such as last friday's. the french anthem has fueled patriotic sentencing. plenty of moments when fans evacuated the soccer stadium last friday night and began singing. today's singing reminded many americans of members of congress standing on the capitol steps of 9/11 singing the star-spangled banner. the people of paris are trying to return to normal even though they know it will never be the same. parisians went back to school and work today. people went to cafes and shops. tourist attractions such as the eiffel tower reopened for business after the nationwide minute of silence. even though that many are trying to resume normal activity, paris remains on edge. french troops in the support of police are trying to restore a sense of security there.
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tonight we're looking at when the terrorist attacks in paris are having any impact here in the bay area. tom vacar tells us if there will be any changes at the airports. we begin in the south bay. allison smith looks at security for the upcoming super bowl in the wakes of the attacks of paris. >> reporter: well frank the santa clara police chief tells me that he's confident for the super plan for the super bowl, but not overly confident. hoping we would take a look at the lessons learned to compare and reevaluate. super bowl 50 is expected to bring in more than a million people to the bay area. not just for the big game, but making it a prime target for terrorists. >> our hearts and prayers go out to the people of paris as it brings it home that it is very i serious. when you are developing these plans and people have to go through a special check point, you know, that they could search the precautions, the reason why. >> reporter: the police chief
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said that his team has been preparing for any terrorist threat since the nfl announced that they would host the super bowl two years ago. in the uniform and their plain clothes, saying that they will be paying close attention to soft or unprotected targets outside the stadium. >> we are working with all the business communities and the hotels and the restaurants. finding out if they would have any special events leading up to the super bowl so that we will work in coordination with them. >> the systems that were put in place are the top level security systems. >> reporter: and they say that it is also a way for the security plans to better protect riders. a moment with the security measures and their new software to allow them to share their real-time security videos. the host committee is in charge of their week long event surrounding the super bowl to send us this statement saying that the host committee is working in steps with the nfl, city officials, public safety officials to create the safe
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and secure environment. official host committee events including super bowl city would be made safe and secure with procedures such as around-the- clock securities and the bag checks at designated entry points. fans we spoke to today, they feel that the paris attacks will not prevent them from going to games. >> to trust authorities as we are the leader in security for a while. people look up to us for standards. i'm pretty sure that we will know what to do. >> i think that they would be worried if you go to other shopping malls that you can't let that stop you from living your life. >> reporter: i want to reiterate that there are no known threats against the nfl or levi stadium. but they are continuing to refine their security plan and security has always been a heightened alert for the super bowl ever since 9/11. >> it's almost like you can't have too much security. allison smith in the south bay, thank you. with multiple modes of transportation and three
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international airports. tens of thousands of people are going through the bay area every day. tom vacar went to find out if the airports in bart have stepped up security. >> reporter: it is business as usual here in stance and their airport busy with the pre- holiday tourist and business travels that are going about in their business. at this point in time no changes have been made and a part of it is that we are still gathering information. >> reporter: no changes in passenger inspections have been initiated. >> i don't know how much more i could do without, you know, completely having the trip down to nothing before we get on the flight and kind of ruin a bunch of rides or whatever it is. >> i pretty much take it in strive that the airport is doing a good job as far as security. i think that what i see is pretty good. >> the professor of public
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administration of their international crime suit, but that it is a hard target when they anticipate things such as the airport, travel centers. and even major events like the super bowl. >> reporter: even the softer targets like bart is comfortable with their security as they say that it has not allowed security as they have a full-timeinvestigator. the soft target and others are vulnerable. except when they are launched with something more powerful. >> the intelligence is critical to have the information where we have that opportunity to make it even more difficult. >> he has the assessment.
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>> the terrorists wait. and then we let down our guard for people to become a little more relaxed and we forget a little bit and that's when the stream that there is plenty going on there. tom vacar, says that you can watch the group going after isis. oakland is known for having side shows. but what happened this weekend that went way beyond any side shows that have happened before. an estimated 700 cars and motorcycles took part in side shows, starting on saturday afternoon and continuing in to the overnight hours. they actually shut down intersections of east oakland and a part of 880 near the high stereoed exit. police say that the cars came from as far away as fresno and los angeles. and the side shows ultimately
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lead to a police shooting that ended up killing a man that short of the motorcycles pointed a gun at themselves, which turns out to be fake. henry lee is in the newsroom with more on this. >> covering for more than two decades now, without the single auction-involved shooting, investigating the fifth finalist this year alone. it all started as a group of officers were doing paperwork after towing a group of motorcycles taking part in the side show. an illegal street rally as they had souped up cars, driving all over. they pulled out what looked like a gun and pointed it in their direction. the group of officers then scattered. and four officers discharged their firearms at the person with the replica pistol.
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>> oakland police chief said that the weapon looks realistic enough. when confirmed the man was shot had nothing to do with any of the side shows. >> the person was struck by the gunfire and fell there at the scene. our officers did cpr to try to resuscitate the person, but unfortunately he died at the scene there. >> all officers are equipped with body cameras. one had it activated at the time because the shooting happened so quickly the chief said and they were not required to have them on because they were completing their reports and not actively engaging with members of the public. three of the fires -- three of the companies are fired with seven years on the force. well the names of the man killed and the officer who shot them have not been released. the officers are on paid leave pending investigation by police
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and the dean's office. harry, what's happening with all the police shootings. you say five so far this year what's going on? >> let me tell you frank, rank and file officer haves the legal rights to protect themselves, but activists are livid over all these shootings and the bombing shows that even if it was justified that they are asking if they could take more of these times for the first place an ongoing issue for months to come. >> henry in our newsroom, thank you. a billion dollar overhaul bringing upgrades and additions to this terminal at sfo. the new features that you'll be able to enjoy if you are heading out on vacation later this week. new surveillance video showing you the tour bus as they would slam in to the bike rider and what sources are now telling us about what have happening in just the east bay.
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beating the suspect in san francisco last week. the new investigation to lead to criminal charges against law enforcement. and i'm tracking the cool weather out there and that breezy conditions for you. the next chance for some showers, we'll see you after the break.
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the video is difficult to watch showing them beating a man dozens of times with their batons and fists. today those deputies have been suspended. telling us that there is a criminallic -- investigation underway. >> seeing it had is just horrible. >> reporter: and their public
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defender would describe this video early last thursday morning showing them striking that man some 30 times with the batons and fists. >> once you see that video they bring back their immediate videos. >> reporter: they would visit their client at san francisco's general hospital on sunday. that he has lacerations to his heads. >> he had injuries to his arms, down to his hand, appearing to be shattered in both arms, appearing that he was blocking their strikes with their arms. >> reporter: the deputies are placed on administrative leave while they conduct an internal investigation, beginning about 40 minutes when they would first show you the stolen car in their motel parking lot as
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they would say that he had a gun and ran one of their patrol cars. >> knocking them down during that process. and to the high speed and their 38-minute chase and down their freeways, through the city streets of oakland and over their bay bridge, the streets of san francisco. >> reporter: they would land here south of market street in san francisco. >> there is no way to justify the beating that took place, no way. >> reporter: in a late development the san francisco police department and district attorney's office announced that they will be investigating the use of force by the deputies was not only excessive, but criminal.
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and they would take on the raptors. that they will be joined by their spouses, the oakland convention center. >> operation care and comfort is an all-volunteer organization that i started in my garage back in 2003. we've shipped over many overseas. >> they are in con bat or humanitarian mission. people are cleaning up after the wind storm hit california. the winds at point were 30 to 40 miles an hour as you could get a sense of how windy it was
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by looking at the palm trees. some were uprooted and others ended up falling on the cars. >> it's december, right? that they would turn to winter overnight and that we've got the rain for the weekend. it wasn't a ton of rain as i'm going back just a little bit now. that is great with this much rain. beautiful week outside as you could see the clouds behind here with a few clouds lingering in the sunset. it will be very impressive as we talked about it last week, just getting hammered. as that moisture continues to stream in too far north for us,
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but it is there and that river thing that you just saw is the kind of thing that we could see as we move forward for the next few months with this el niño setting up. the forecast for tomorrow, at this time 15 miles an hour. the winds will be slightly less gusty tomorrow than what they were today. and tonight temperatures will be cool, but tomorrow with less wind the overnight lows will much cooler. mostly in the 30s and the 40s and look for the yellow low right there. a couple showing up. maybe. most of these mid-60s and upper 60s. just nice. not as warm as it has been. they will be a little warmer finding a little frost and cold tomorrow morning, breezy tomorrow, but not as windy for tuesday. and a lot like today.
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as we would head over to oakland and their daytime highs a little warmer as they would start off 47 degrees. then san jose your daytime highs about 56, a little warmer in oakland. they will be closer to the bay than what it is around the bay. and it will be tucked in from that edge. cool morning tomorrow and today, sort of grinding their way back up. i've got no rain here for their panels here, but that we do see things that are out the road with more showers. so it's not great, but we are not like what we were last year or the year before at 40% as we are doing better than last year. >> better than nothing. thank you, bill. >> thank you, bill. if you grew up in the bay area, you probably remember
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their personality as we have sad news tonight. that he has died as he worked here for 30 years, called the labor day telethon. retiring from 1995 and reporting that they would say he died on october 29 in oregon after a short illness. >> i remember as a kid any time you were home sick that you would be dollars for dollars. that this time he would call me, waiting for us, but he
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never called. >> that you would remember that. coming up working around the clock, the additions and the upgrades that you'll be able to see this week. new developments for this woman 14 years ago to overturn their murder convictions. they owned those two dogs. plus, just hours before they were set to walk off the jobs.
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the next trip out of san francisco's airport will likely be a little different because of the fully renovated set of the departure gates opening up on wednesday. >> they will give us a preview of all the updates they will be making. >> reporter: the construction crews are working 24 hours a day to meet their opening, all to serve their passengers. >> we can't close it down because this is their home terminal. we can only do two or three at a time. we'll continue work in terminal three. >> reporter: the second phase to renovate the terminal. in this area alone there are 250 charging stations for passengers. and this will add 12 dining
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stores, owned by their new concept the extra virgin olive oil cafe. >> this is 1978 and very successful here. >> reporter: passengers will see art big and small for their museum highlighted by the mural, the dream come true. >> to have that where people would be passing by on their way to some place or from some place. hopefully that they would be inspired by it. really an amazing honor. >> reporter: even the sculptures through the front windows. >> you'd get a lot of unexpected viewers, such incredible art in the airport. >> reporter: but there is more as their oldest terminal will be completely renovated. the whole new building area will be built. they will work on their hotel
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to begin soon. next year the most advanced control tower will go in to operation right here. and talk about coordinating efforts. in the two years that the project has been underway, 14 million passengers have passed on through here without a hitch. tom vacar fox 2 news. the pitching career came to an end after the cancer diagnosis. now he's helping to make life a little better for others. >> really work on the environment so people have to sit here with that awful stuff. >> reporter: how the pitcher became a great candidate because of the finishing touches on the upgrades for their therapy center. and the new surveillance video is showing you what happened just moments before crashing in to union square last week. the new details that we have just learned about their past when it comes to the inspections and permits. new details about how they
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may have communicated to plan those attacks in paris.
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sources close to the investigation tells ktvu that the mechanical failure may to be blame. 20 people hurt after they lost control on friday afternoon. tara moriarty has new
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surveillance video leading up to the accident telling us about their past. >> reporter: this surveillance would show them speeding down. traveling at least 40 miles an hour when it slammed in to that cyclist, hit a couple of pedestrians, then struck several cars before smashing in to the walkway. >> we have 20 victims that are interviewing them all throughout their square and not to mention all the people out there, pulling out their cell phones, capturing something. >> reporter: but they say that the breaks are responsible for friday's accidents, leaving 20 people hurt and including them still fighting for their lives. >> they are moving through their congest neighborhoods. >> reporter: they are working with the assemblyman to tweet to their laws to allow them on
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tour buses. >> reporter: i just think that it is very extended. i'm not sure they would have the resources to make sure that there are proper enforcement on setting a high safety bar. >> reporter: just last year in front of city hall and 2013 that they would suffer injuries to her face. >> we want to make sure our tourists and visitors are safe. >> reporter: there have been issues for various reasons in the past. but they would take over their operations to clean up their business. releasing a statement saying they maintain their proper insurance. our information on the accident is that the license plate of the bus involved on their crash does not appear to match their vehicles that they have on
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file. nor did they official notify them on the crash to their operations, which it is required to do. the investigation could take weeks as we have reached out for comment, but have not yet heard back. a video surfaced today showing that they would plan to strike america next, that the attack will be for washington, d.c. and they did note lap rate. the other potential targets have increased their state, but no intelligence at this time indicating a new threat. >> reporter: it is an incredible threat in the united states. but the fact is that we have arrested over 70 isis followers in the united states over the last year. >> it is a soft target aspect for them, that it will be a major concern for them had and every town as soft targets. >> reporter: and security has
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been an increase in their consulates, businesses across the united states and police keeping a close eye on their vigils for france. as a nation l special security. as they designate their high- profile events for their special security as they would include their presidential inauguration for the meetings and their biggest sporting events. and secret service is the lead agency with assistance from the fbi and their counterterrorism and fema. and this is an overview of the fear where most of the victims of the attacks of paris were killed as you can see from this graphic that california and their banned on stage as the eagles, they were able to escape through the back near the stage. but many were able to escape as well as in the back of the theater. and up to 1,500 people were in the theater at the time of the attack. authorities say that 89 of them
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were killed there. recent terror attacks around the world would prove that they are more sophisticated than we may have thought. they are saying that they hope this kind of large scale attack that will lead to more intense counterterrorism strategies. the kinds of threats facing america and the world are reaching new heights. the world is becoming more historical. there have been more outbreak in the collapse of the soviet union. >> reporter: they have responded to the crash in syria. police are now advising members of congress to stay on the other side to connect their congressional buildings. no specific threat and that they are out of the abundance
5:36 pm
of caution, telling them to use their tunnels. >> reporter: he was diagnosed with cancer and that they needed to have that left arm amputated. hoping to put them up to their chemo therapy treatment rooms. >> reporter: he knows a thing about painting. >> i have met many, as i know what they were going through, not very warm and fuzzy as they would work on their environment for those people to sit here with at least the view that is
5:37 pm
nice. >> reporter: one of the rooms have been created, which is just so great. that they prove the non-profit group would support their chemo therapy patients. >> they say what happens to the room? >> reporter: and they are obviously uplifting, receiving treatment. but those providing them and that the nurses lounge would get a much-needed facelift. that it meant so much for them to care to make a difference, not only for them, but their patients. >> reporter: a difference in which they could appreciate as much as anyone. not only as a cancer survivor,
5:38 pm
but a former pro athlete. >> creating the environment where you come in and that you already have this incredible thing that will be creating a lot of uncertainty over life to really get to show you what will be so beautiful for you to cope. >> reporter: in san francisco scott reese ktvu fox 2 news. caught on camera in central california and a look at their clean up today after the tornado left the wide pass of the destruction. a big announcement from their medical diagnosis that they will reveal. during the interview tomorrow. >> in the works, the big hotel brands that marriott could soon own.
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marriott international announced what they will be buying the resorts worldwide as it is worth $12.2 billion creating the company with more than 5,000 hotels. with more than $2 billion a year. >> reporter: it will be the
5:42 pm
largest in the world getting a lot of pressure. >> reporter: if they go through, they would be under their brand and give them a larger footprint internationally. >> they rose 237 points, up 56. and they gained 30 as they would say that they were not concerned. and for the global economy. >> reporter: they are ignoring their calls to wake up now going viral. and the characteristics on the animals, where they will be going through their puberty if you will and like a teenager sometimes you would get grumpy when it is time to wake up.
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>> they will tell you all about it. and that they would add that even though they are incredibly cute that otters have some of the strongest as they would come across it for you to watch from that safe trip. experts say it is clear that a lot of planning went in to last friday's paris attacks. many questions are being raised why that communication wasn't detected before the attack. and also picking up the pieces after the tornado tore a two-mile path to a central california town. the cell phone video that would show you the moment that those 100 miles an hour winds hit. we are tracking the local winds around here with a wind advisory in effect for parts of the bay area that will be cold tonight. we'll be tracking the forecast for you on tuesday for the next chance of rain.
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mi'm a lineman here in oakland. day in, day out, a large part of what we do is about providing reliable power to our customers. pg&e is dedicated to the community. i love working here because this is my home. oakland is my home. this is where i'm raising my children so it's important to me to make sure my family and friends have the power and energy that we provide. this is very personal to me. it makes me work a lot harder knowing that this is my community. together, we're building a better california.
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planning to reveal tomorrow that he is hiv positive. promoting an interview where they have known about this condition for more than two years. >> reporter: and in the last couple of weeks that some of the interaction with that they
5:47 pm
have made sounds about suing him. >> reporter: that he has settled with some of the people that are threatening lawsuits. a 6-year-old girl is hospitalized after being shot last night. the girl was with her mother in this chevy tahoe stopped at the traffic light when they opened fire for some reason. the girl was hit once and her mother was driven immediately to the hospital, but the family has not been given the update on her condition. >> i heard the five gunshots, pop, pop, pop, which makes me sad. my daughter would walk to school some time. >> reporter: they have not made any arrests yet, that they were described as the hispanic man in his 20s. and right through their homes and their streets. they would report. >> they came through and broke
5:48 pm
outside everywhere. >> reporter: this is the reaction after their national weather service says that the category tornadoes, they would rip through their town. >> that it sounded like a bomb had gone off and i thought oh that is not good enough. with that trampoline on our house. >> reporter: traveling nearly two miles, >> quite a bit of damage for them on their town and that they would see their houses with a lot of roofing. >> reporter: they uprooted
5:49 pm
nearly 200 trees, causing them to topple over to the two-story house. >> and that they would see a huge thing of dirt here throughout the window downstairs as we heard her yelling for them to get out of the house. >> trapping a woman in that outside bedroom. >> i know. >> and they had to go in to break that door out. displacing the entire family. oh wow. >> that is so bizarre to see the pictures because they look like they were taken in the midwest. and that it is unusual for them to have that in california. >> and it is, certainly more so and certainly a big tornado and a smaller tornado occurred occasionally.
5:50 pm
that they are there and that they are rare as they would point out. if you look hard here, you can see the golden gate bridge that will be right here, right? yeah, you've got that park here and that it will be very cool temperatures outside right now because the winds have set us up with kind of a cool pattern in terms of just the wind and temperatures in the 60s tonight where they will plummet that it will not be, well, some areas you'll see frost, down around 38 degrees. that they would drop quick here tonight. but not as windy as today and the departures from yesterday,
5:51 pm
a couple of degrees warmer than it is right now here and that as you would take a look at the wind speeds. that they have died down. in the windiest locations dying down where they will continue to die down for your bay area on tuesday and they take charge for basically all week to tell you the truth that it will be around here for the most part that they would live with us, bringing us the temperatures and a nice looking day tomorrow with a clean atmosphere. but not 25 to 30 miles an hour gusts. then 65 in morgan hill. snow in the mountains and over a foot in some places, they
5:52 pm
don't have any rain showing up in the next six days, pretty much what we saw today. hopefully we will get some rain and more snow and the mountains, you know, they're skiing up there. it will warm up a little bit, but they will be making a lot of snow with more on the way. >> thank you, bill. tonight the concern that those terrorists, they may be communicating in ways that law enforcement don't have access to. and new at 6:00 the rues kill stunts and their gunfire and violence, dealing with the dangers of the side shows. we've allowed that behavior for too long. the renewed efforts for them to deal with the issues.
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some of the shows after the attacks as they will not air their episodes tonight. shuffling the prime time schedule tonight and that they will replace them on super girl for los angeles. that they dealt with ncis also
5:56 pm
isis recruiting women. we are learning more on how they may have communicated the attacks, maureen naylor tells us that the experts say that it is the ongoing debate. >> i think that it will be the right planning that went in to the terrorist attacks. >> and then the question is asked. that something is going on. >> the concern is that they may be communicating in ways that law enforcement doesn't have access to. possibly during the services. >> that they do not have to communicate with the application and no government agency can get in to, the
5:57 pm
possible thing for them to do. the answer is that nobody knows. that they have no intelligent communication and that you had given a clue that they were eminent. they teach law and that they also worked with the institute, saying that it would be difficult to plan something to leave no clues behind. >> that the data trails are there. buried aamong the generation for their surveillance. >> he says they would adapt their tactics, doing things differently to reach their goals. >> for one thing and such as the game they see it as another and that is very hard to get in to the mind set. >> reporter: the attacks are reigniting the other debates.
5:58 pm
should they have back door access? or back in the government for them to be too much action for them. ktvu fox 2 news. as you call themselves anonymous, declaring war in a video as they would tell them to expect their massive cyber attacks, calling it the biggest operation ever. adding that they will be worldwide. a short time later they sent out their own message dismissing the threat, giving them instructions on how to prevent hacks by anonymous. they have become a part of oakland's side shows, encouraging the violence and putting drivers and bystanders in danger. tonight the city leaders say they need to stop. >> we have allowed that
5:59 pm
behavior for too long. >> reporter: tonight after two side shows involving hundreds of cars just this weekend. one of which had lead to a deadly officer-involved shooting. i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. they said that the side shows would present that unacceptable amount of risk, and will no longer be tolerated. the growing problem for them to stop it. >> reporter: that he hears them spinning donuts outside his own window. it's not just on saturday night. tonight he wrote this e-mail to the lobbyists, saying that they would be added to the list. right now they could be impounded, but they want them to start that pilot program to take them off the streets after their first arrest. >> reporter: you don't have to look very hard to see it. burned rubber in the street.
6:00 pm
it was the stage for the side show. >> it would get your adrenaline going. >> reporter: he used to be lured by the unique oakland spectacle and the draw of the muscle car isn't unique. they have long been a part of the american fabric. from the days of the american graffiti to the blockbuster fast and furious series. to the streets of east oakland, where it isn't just about the cars. >> they start shooting their guns, i guess they didn't like that song. and for sure. >> my neighborhood streets, that playground. >> reporter: they sent the city and said that they helped create that problem. you come to oakland to do it allowing it to be


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